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Laminate Doors

Laminate doors can be manufactured in up to 186 different colours, providing the end user with not only a wide colour range to choose from to enhance their project, but also a durable high impact solution for any product-specific demanding environment.


Fire Doors in the Education Industry

Key Benefits

Traynor Williams Postformed Doorsets provide the following key benefits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Anti- Bacterial
  • Damage and impact resistant
  • Available in a wide range of colour finishes
  • Fire Rated and Non-Fire Rated
  • Vision panel options
  • Beaded and flush glazing systems
  • Flush or symmetrical beading.
  • Anti-ligature door furniture.
  • Coloured stiles and furniture for the partially sited
  • Lead-lined anti-radiation configurations for X-Ray facilities
  • All doors are compliant with current Disability Discrimination Act or DDA
Fire Doors in the Education Industry


  • Acajou Mahogany
    F7008 Acajou Mahogany
  • Amber Burl
    F1118 Amber Burl
  • American Walnut
    F5150 American Walnut
  • Cherry Woodcut
    F6928 Cherry Woodcut
  • Ebony
    F9012 Ebony
  • Ebony Oak Cross
    F5477 Ebony Oak Cross
  • Elegant Rosewood
    F6211 Elegant Rosewood
  • Espresso Pear
    F5489 Espresso Pear
  • Macchiato Walnut
    F6932 Macchiato Walnut
  • Nocturne Wood
    F5373 Nocturne Wood
  • Oiled Walnut
    F5487 Oiled Walnut
  • Prestige Walnut
    F6209 Prestige Walnut
  • Punga Punga Wood
    F1614 Punga Punga Wood
  • Redwood
    F1293 Redwood
  • Select Cherry
    F7759 Select Cherry
  • Smoky Brown Pear
    F5488 Smoky Brown Pear
  • Smoky Walnut Woodline
    F6926 Smoky Walnut Woodline
  • Sombre Walnut
    F5147 Sombre Walnut
  • Vogue Wood
    F6308 Vogue Wood
  • Accent Maple
    F5371 Accent Maple
  • Almond Oak
    F3188 Almond Oak
  • American Maple
    F1297 American Maple
  • Birch
    K7024 Birch
  • Blond Beech
    K7604 Blond Beech
  • Cinnamon Cherry
    F6935 Cinnamon Cherry
  • Clear Maple
    F3855 Clear Maple
  • Finn Beech
    K7016 Finn Beech
  • Golden Birch
    F5161 Golden Birch
  • Latte Walnut
    F6931 Latte Walnut
  • Manitoba Maple
    K7555 Manitoba Maple
  • Maple Woodline
    F6925 Maple Woodline
  • Natural Beech
    F2726 Natural Beech
  • Natural Cane
    F6930 Natural Cane
  • Natural Oak
    F1079 Natural Oak
  • Sand Maple
    F2731 Sand Maple
  • Alder
    K7561 Alder
  • Apple
    K7605 Apple
  • Bio-Oak
    K7603 Bio-Oak
  • Box Maple
    F1147 Box Maple
  • Classic Walnut
    F5486 Classic Walnut

  • Copper Beech New
    F5167 Copper Beech New
  • Country Cherry
    F1139 Country Cherry
  • Couture Wood
    F6210 Couture Wood
  • Crystal Beech
    F2958 Crystal Beech
  • Elegant Oak
    F5374 Elegant Oak
  • Erable Whisky
    F2985 Erable Whisky
  • Figured Annigre
    F7284 Figured Annigre
  • French Sycamore
    F1143 French Sycamore
  • Golden Morning Oak
    F2510 Golden Morning Oak
  • Ivory Oak Cross
    F5370 Ivory Oak Cross
  • Light Oak
    K6149 Light Oak
  • Oiled Olivewood
    F5481 Oiled Olivewood
  • Rattan Cane
    F3699 Rattan Cane
  • Savoy Beech
    F2887 Savoy Beech
  • Saxon Oak
    K7520 Saxon Oak
  • Smoked Oak
    F1062 Smoked Oak
  • Vintage Wood
    F5372 Vintage Wood
  • Vivid Cherry
    K7021 Vivid Cherry
  • Vosges Pear
    F2884 Vosges Pear
  • Zebrano
    F9011 Zebrano

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