Fire Doors for Student Accommodation

Heavy-duty fire doors and door sets for student accommodation tested and certified for fire safety and performance.

  • High-performance fire door sets
  • Certification under the BM TRADA Q-Mark
  • FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 doors
Fire doors for student accommodation.

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Fire Doors and Architectural Ironmongery for Student Accommodation

Student accommodation and housing are highly regulated and subject to stringent fire safety regulations to ensure students’ safety.

Fire doors are an essential layer of fire protection in buildings. They prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protecting escape routes and enabling a safe evacuation.

Student homes are highly dynamic environments, so doors must be fire-resistant, durable and low maintenance.

We can supply a complete set of fire doors that provide optimal protection against fire and are suited to the varied demands of student accommodation buildings.

We are a leading manufacturer of custom fire-rated doors and specialist architectural ironmongery, including locks, hinges, handles, and closers.

Recent projects

We supplied door sets and ironmongery for the following projects.

BM TRADA Certified Fire Doorsets for Student Accommodation

Our fire door sets include a pre-hung single door or pair of doors within a frame fitted with high-quality certified ironmongery to ensure they are strong enough to withstand severe fire conditions.

The result is a pre-assembled fire door package, making installation easier.

Our door sets are certified by BM TRADA. As a member of the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme, you can be sure all our doors meet the highest standards.

Our doors comply with the Building Regulations in England and Wales, Scotland’s Technical Handbook and the Building Regulations in Northern Ireland.

In addition to fire-resistant doors, we also offer acoustic doors to provide effective sound insulation and reduce noise between rooms or spaces.

BM TRADA certified fire doorsets for student accommodation.
UKCA Marking Mirror Certificate
Warringtonfire certification mark.
BM Trada Q-Mark Timber Fire Door Manufacture.


Safety, security and high performance are critical considerations when supplying doorsets for student accommodation. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on design.

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Types of fire doors

Each fire door has a fire-resistance rating that determines how long it can withstand fire, usually between 30 and 120 minutes.

FD30 fire doors.

FD30 fire doors

FD30 doors provide 30 minutes of fire protection.

FD30 fire doors

FD60 fire doors.

FD60 fire doors

FD60 doors are designed to endure fire for 60 minutes.

FD60 fire doors

FD90 fire doors.

FD90 fire doors

FD90 doors provide 90 minutes of protection from fire.

FD90 fire doors

FD120 fire doors.

FD120 fire doors

FD120 doors provide 120 minutes of fire resistance.

FD120 fire doors

Why Traynor Williams?

Traynor Williams supplies high-quality, fully certified fire doors and specialist architectural ironmongery to student accommodation throughout the UK.

Based in Glasgow, we’re a leading fire door manufacturer in the UK. Our doors can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the commercial, education, health and hospitality sectors.

Whether you need a single door or a complete set, we can fulfil any order with a quick turnaround to ensure on-time delivery within budget.

For more information, call us on 0141 445 4640 or send us a message.

Architectural Ironmongery and Fire Door Manufacturers

Fire Safety in Student Accommodation and Residential Buildings

Building owners and operators must designate a competent person to oversee the building’s fire strategy.

This person could be the building owner, landlord, building manager, or another designated party.

They are responsible for conducting a fire risk assessment to identify potential fire risks in the building and take corrective measures to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

The Approved Documents offer specific instructions for installing and using fire doors in new and renovated buildings:

Alongside building standards, your building must comply with fire safety regulations:

Does student accommodation require fire doors?

Fire doors are a legal requirement in student accommodation and must be installed in bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Fire doors must always remain closed to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Sometimes, students wedge open doors, which is highly dangerous; they should never be wedged or propped open.

An electromechanical hold-open device ensures that doors close automatically if a fire breaks out.

If any existing doors are inadequate or need maintenance, a qualified individual must repair or replace them.

Fire door in a student residence.

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