Fire Doors for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Heavy-duty fire doors and door sets for hospitals tested and certified for fire safety and performance.

  • High-performance hospital fire doors
  • Certification under the BM TRADA Q-Mark
  • Available with fully compatible ironmongery
Fire Doors for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.

Fire Doors for Modern Healthcare Facilities

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Fire Doors and Architectural Ironmongery for Hospitals

Fire doors are an essential part of fire prevention in hospitals and healthcare environments.

They prevent the spread of fire and smoke, protect escape routes and give patients more time to evacuate. This is especially important in places like hospitals where there are sick, elderly, and vulnerable people.

Fire doors for modern healthcare facilities need to meet high performance standards while maintaining practicality and security.

Traynor Williams offers a wide range of BM TRADA Q-Mark certified fire doors for the healthcare sector, including hospitals, care homes, clinics, surgeries and health centres. Our fire doorsets are tested in accordance with BS 476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014.

All our fire doors and frames are certified by FSC and PEFC and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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Considerations for Hospital Fire Doors

Hospitals are busy, high-traffic environments. Door deterioration from bed, trolley, and wheelchair use can reduce fire safety and increase bacteria, which can affect hygiene.

Doors must be extremely durable and have antimicrobial surfaces. In areas with high infection risk, fire doors need strict hygiene management.

Fire doors in non-public areas should have smooth surfaces, post-formed edges, sealed vision panels, and sealed frame sections.

Other factors to consider may include:

  • Accessibility as per BS 8300 for people with limited mobility.
  • X-ray shielding for doors leading to imaging rooms.
  • Soundproofed fire doors for operating theatres, wards and other sensitive areas.
  • Security doors to limit public access to parts of the hospital.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that these fire doors fit in with the overall design of the healthcare facility.

Hospital fire door in corridor.
UKCA Marking Mirror Certificate
Warringtonfire certification mark.
BM Trada Q-Mark Timber Fire Door Manufacture.


Our hospital fire doors are designed to resist high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, providing a safer evacuation process for building occupants.

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BM TRADA Certified Fire Doorsets

A doorset or door set is a fire door package ready to be installed that’s been tested and approved for its fire performance. These doorsets come pre-assembled, making installation easier.

Our fire doors are manufactured under the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme, ensuring they meet the highest standards for hospital and healthcare environments.

All our doors have been tested and certified to provide fire resistance for 30 to 120 minutes.

Hospital fire doors are of paramount importance.

Why Traynor Williams?

Traynor Williams supplies fully certified fire doors and specialist commercial architectural ironmongery to healthcare facilities throughout the UK.

Based in Glasgow, we’re a leading fire door manufacturer in the UK. Our doors can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the commercial, education, health and hospitality sectors.

Whether you require a single door or a complete set, we can fulfil any order. Our quick turnaround ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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Fire door in healthcare corridor.

Fire Safety in Hospitals

Public healthcare buildings must appoint someone to supervise fire safety and maintenance of the building. This person can be the building manager, owner or another designated party.

The responsible person must conduct a fire risk assessment to identify potential fire risks in the building and perform regular maintenance to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Fire doors must undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they function properly during a fire. Hospitals have an even greater responsibility in this regard.

Hospital fire-rated doors should be inspected weekly or monthly for any structural damage, wear or gaps.

This includes the door leaves, frame, intumescent seals, smoke seals and other features. Any issues found should be addressed immediately.

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