What is a Doorset?

What is a Doorset?

A doorset (or door set) is basically a complete door kit that includes the door itself, the frame, intumescents, smoke seals, glazing and ironmongery such as hinges and locks.

Factory-installed ironmongery is available at an additional cost. Face-fixed or protruding ironmongery items such as levers, pull handles or door closers are not installed but are packed and sent separately with the doorset.

Everything is pre-assembled, so it’s ready to be installed into a building. Doorsets make installing doors quicker and easier because all the parts are designed to work together from the start.

What is the difference between a door and a doorset?

A doorset is more than just a door. It includes the door leaf, door frame, hinges, locks, and other essential parts needed for a complete, ready-to-install door system.

Doorsets are designed and tested as a single unit by the manufacturer, certified to meet standards, and produced in a factory with precise measurements and quality assurance standards.

What are the advantages of using doorsets?

The advantage of doorsets over traditional door installation is that it simplifies the installation process, saving time and reducing costs.

All the door parts are assembled in a factory, which means better quality control. This results in a door that lasts longer, is more secure, and works better.

This process is particularly useful for fire doors, which need to fit flush with the frame and require fire-certified hardware.

Fire doorset with hinges.

How do fire-resistant doorsets work?

Fire doorsets are designed, tested and certified to work together as one complete fire door package.

They are factory-prepared and delivered with components from a single source (e.g. door leaf, frame, hinges, latches) so that they work together to resist fire as intended.

Fire-rated doorsets are certified through independent verification by a third-party certification body, such as BM TRADA, to ensure that each doorset is manufactured to a consistently high standard.

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As a manufacturer of fire doorsets, we must prove that our products can withstand fire for a specific amount of time.

That’s why all our fire-rated doors and door sets are BM TRADA Q-Mark certified, guaranteeing high-quality products through independent tests by BM TRADA.

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