What Are the Most Popular Door Handle Finishes?

Most Popular Door Handle Finishes.

Choosing the right door handle finish can really bring a room together. It’s a crucial decision that impacts the feel and functionality of your room.

Let’s explore the most popular door handle finishes so you can decide which one best suits your home.

Popular door handle finishes

Of all the popular finishes for door hardware, here are a few of our favourites:

Matt black: a no-brainer for anyone looking to add a modern look to their doors. It’s low maintenance without sacrificing style and works well with almost any interior or exterior.

Antique brass: brings a touch of elegance and character to your door hardware and even has natural antimicrobial properties.

Satin nickel: these door handles add an elegant touch that complements dark colours, geometric patterns, and solid hues.

Polished chrome: works with most colour schemes and designs, making it a practical and timeless choice.

Matt Black

Terazzo Lever On Round Rose in a Matte Black finish.

Matt black is the new standard in door handle finishes. Its modern, versatile style fits right in, whether your style is traditional or contemporary.

It’s a great finish because it adds flair without being too flashy and goes well with any look.

Antique Brass

Serozzetta Trend Lines Lever On Round Rose in an Antique Brass finish.

Antique brass finish door handles offer a traditional look that homeowners love.

Their brown and golden tones and intentionally worn appearance add lots of character. The surface develops more over time, making each one unique.

These handles are ideal for adding an elegant and timeless feel to your home. They complement traditional decor but are versatile, making them a popular choice for blending old and new styles.

Satin Nickel

Varese Lever On Round Rose in a Satin Nickel finish.

Satin nickel is made by coating a metal piece with nickel, brushing it for a smooth finish, and applying lacquer for a soft, matt look.

Many homeowners opt for satin nickel door handles for a sophisticated look.

They add a high-quality touch that complements dark colours, geometric patterns, and solid colours.


Cloud Lever on Rose in an Anthracite finish.

Black never goes out of style, and anthracite is its sophisticated cousin.

Anthracite is a dark grey colour that falls between shades of grey and is often described as almost black.

Anthracite door handles have a sleek, dark grey look that stands out, offering a striking contrast on most doors. They work well in modern homes, adding depth and a touch of luxury.

The matte texture of anthracite handles adds a contemporary look, making them a stylish choice for updating your home without being too overpowering.

Polished Nickel

Serozzetta Cinquanta Lever on Rose in a Polished Nickel finish.

Polished nickel door handles have a shiny, mirror-like finish that beautifully reflects light, giving off a warm silver glow.

They appear sophisticated and luxurious, complementing homes old and new with any colour scheme.

The finish won’t change too much over time, so it will keep looking new even with heavy use.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel door handle.

Brushed nickel door handles offer a slightly textured matt appearance that complements warmer colours. It combines shiny and smooth elements, making it both stylish and practical.

Both satin and brushed nickel are extremely durable and effectively conceal watermarks and fingerprints, making them a practical choice for households.

Satin Chrome

Jedo Linea Mortice Door Knob in Satin Chrome.

Satin chrome door handles have a smooth, matt look that’s understated. It’s a handle that reflects light, but it’s a soft shine that gives off a gentle glow that looks really nice.

This type of handle gives your doors a modern, subtle look without being too flashy.

Satin chrome is a good option for modern homes and workplaces, particularly in busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It doesn’t show smudges easily.

Polished Chrome

Art Deco Knob on Backplate in a Polished Chrome finish.

The shiny appeal of polished chrome makes it a popular choice; it never goes out of style.

It goes well with most colours and design styles, making it a practical and timeless option.

Polished chrome door handles stand out due to their shiny and reflective surface, which gives them a clean look and a near-perfect reflection.

It’s a simple, quick and affordable way to update doors and cabinets in your home.

Black Antique

Barley Twist Pull Handle on Backplate in a Black Antique finish.

Black antique door handles never go out of style and give your home a bit of an old-world feel.

They have a dark, rustic finish, often combined with ornate details, adding an extra layer of charm to a door.

When used correctly, they can add vintage charm to modern spaces and turn a simple door into a statement piece.

Satin Stainless Steel

19mm D Pull Handle in a Satin Stainless Steel finish.

Satin stainless steel handles combine modern style with functionality. The brushed finish not only looks good but also hides fingerprints and scratches.

They have a slight shine that gives doors a modern look without being too flashy.

Polished Brass

Jedo Linea Mortice Door Knob in Polished Brass.

Polished brass is a popular choice due to its shiny and glamorous appearance. Typically, it is coated with lacquer to protect its surface and maintain its shine.

Polished brass handles add a touch of elegance to any home, whether it’s a vintage house or a modern space. They also look great with matching backplates.

The only downside is that the shiny surface easily shows fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning to keep it looking good.

How do you mix and match door hardware finishes?

When picking a new door hardware finish, think about the colours in the room.

Don’t be afraid to mix different door hardware styles. You can mix shiny and dull finishes or warm and cool tones.

Dual-finish door handles combine various metal finishes and materials to create contrast, adding depth and interest to your space without introducing new colours.

Images credit: Carlisle Brass and Frelan Hardware