Acoustic Doors

Traynor Williams specialises in acoustic doors designed to provide sound insulation and effectively reduce noise transmission between rooms or spaces.

These soundproofed doors are ideal for settings where sound insulation is crucial, such as recording studios, theatres, schools, education facilities, meeting rooms, conference rooms and hospitals.

Crafted with strong perimeter seals, these doors prevent sound leakage and maintain acoustic integrity, creating a more comfortable environment for different activities.

Typically, these doors are supplied as door sets with frames to ensure acoustic performance.

Acoustic doors for a cinema.
Fire door in hospital corridor.

Acoustic doors in a variety of finishes

Acoustic doors are available in the same veneers and finishes as non-acoustic and fire doors, allowing for a cohesive design scheme. Additionally, glass panels can be added.

These doors can also be fire-rated, providing a high level of fire resistance in addition to their impressive soundproofing capabilities.

Whether you need acoustic doors for commercial or residential use, contact our team today.

UKCA Marking Mirror Certificate
Warringtonfire certification mark.

Types of acoustic doors

Depending on your industry, you may require different levels of soundproofing.

31dB, 32dB and 33dB




Acoustic door finishes

We offer a range of acoustic door finishes to suit every taste and style.

Wood veneer fire doors.

Veneer doors

Veneer doors offer the warmth and feel of a natural wood without compromising safety and performance.

Laminated fire doors.

Laminated doors

Laminated doors are a versatile choice for any project. They can be manufactured in hundreds of different colours.

Painted fire doors.

Painted doors

Pre-painted doors offer the flexibility of colour and consistency coupled with a high-standard factory finish.

PVC postformed doors.

Postformed doors

Postformed doors are manufactured in a wide range of colours. Fully encapsulated, impact and abrasive-resistant.

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